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Help for Hospital Patients Facing Surgery

Diminish Fear or Anxiety and Boost Natural Post-Surgery Healing

The Pre Operation Anxiety Relaxer

Going into hospital for a lengthy stay, tests or surgery? It's only natural to feel a little apprehensive prior to going into hospital. But having overwhelming feelings of fear or dread, or worrying about the outcome unnecessarily, definitely isn't natural, and can make your stay traumatic, both for you, and your family.
Speed post-operative healing and reduce pain, nausea and fatigue.
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Treat your pre-surgery stress BEFORE you go into hospital
Get help and relief for surgery anxiety immediately! This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be. Order your copy today!
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Breaking News for Cancer Patients: Physical or psychological STRESS before chemotherapy could help the deadly cells survive the treatment: Latest research. Try my pre-surgery and relaxation CD to help overcome the reduced effect of your chemotherapy or radiation treatment on the cancer cells caused by pre-treatment stress. For more information, read this study from the journal for Molecular Cancer Research and then decide.

Nobody in their right mind likes hospitals, do they? The only time you normally have to go there is if there is something wrong with you, or you are going to visit a sick friend or relative, who have something wrong with them. Cure Hospital Anxiety in Adults and Senior Adults All of our associations with hospitals usually boil down to something unpleasant. Treatment, tests, surgery, anesthesia, pain, anxiety, but above all, powerlessness. It's the thought of placing all your trust in the hands of a stranger. Deep to this is the underlying fear that we may not make it back home again, to a normal life.

So what is it that triggers in us a fear of hospitals, or surgery? It may have been a bad experience in the past, the loss of a spouse, parent, grandparent, or even worse, one of your own children. Even hearing of a bad experience is enough to send shivers down some peoples spines, perhaps the result of fears of illness by association; A case of, will it be my turn next? Some people believe, for example, that if they mention the dreaded 'C' word, they are will suddenly be struck down with cancer. For some people, it is in their very nature to catastrophize and to accept that the worst is BOUND to happen.

Cure Hospital Anxiety in Children and Teenagers too How can your CD help me?
This CD is not designed to make you into a hospital-lover. It is designed to make rational any fears that you may have. It is designed to build your confidence, your determination, your strength and will, to help you develop a strong sense of recovery and regeneration. To give you the energy to do what is required of you, so that you don't have to unnecessarily postpone important procedures because of anxiety, and to be successful in your decision making and outcomes.

Finally there is the added benefit of BEING IN CONTROL. For many, this is the biggest fear, being powerless, and unconscious, at the same time. The soft music and hypnotic voice bring you to a state of profound relaxation in which you are handed back control through reprogramming of particular instinctive responses, using visualization and anchoring techniques. This is an easy process and you don't have to do anything, you simply follow along with the CD and at the same time relax into a natural calmness and comfort.

This CD sells all over the world and here is what some people have said:
  •   Hi Phil, just to let you know my surgery went really well and I'm healing nicely. It was amazing, considering I've spent the last three months being absolutely terrified when I got there I was completely calm, didn't need any sedation, just had the local anaesthetic. I was at the hospital for five hours with periods of waiting in between procedures and I couldn't believe I've been more nervous at the dentist! I'm sure my meditation helped, thank you. Allison - UK  

  •   Hi Phil, I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU for helping my mum. My sister bought your CD about operations and surgery as my mum was going into hospital for breast surgery and chemotherapy. Mum is well on the mend and she has said many times 'that man on the radio helped me'. Of course, she's talking about your CD. I can't thank you enough and I wish you every success with it. Best wishes, Becky Neely. Becky Neely - Nottingham, England, UK  

  •   Hi Phil, Just thought I'd let you know that the CD helped a lot - even used it on day of op and entered into it feeling very calm and confident. 7 weeks on now and I'm doing very well. Love, Julia (Julia H. lives in the UK)  

  •   Dear Phil, you have such a calming, natural voice for this work and I found myself transported to heaven everytime I heard your pre-operation CD. My knee operations went smoothly and I am making a full recovery. I walk everyday and am enjoying life again. I have no doubt your CD was the one thing that helped with my positive attitude. God bless, Vicky Hunter. Victoria Hunter - Swansea, Wales, UK  
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    • Time investment: 33min 42s
    • Use for all types of surgery and illness
    • Suitable for adults or children
Develop a positive frame of mind by listening to your CD regularly:
In hospital, attitude is everything. You'll see this when you get in there. Around you will be people who want to blame everybody else for their condition, and to share their illness; everything is negative and down. These people will suck your energy and sap your strength. They can't help it; they are afraid and they are anxious. This is not their fault, but it is how they survive.
You need to be strong, for yourself and them.

Worried about Surgery? Find Relief from Surgery Anxiety                     Recover Swiftly from the Effects of Surgery

Surgery can be a traumatic experience, especially if the reason is serious. Learning to look at your procedure as something that will benefit you long term and may even save your life, will allow your body to welcome the procedure. To accept the intervention as something loving, something giving, something to be grateful for. You are effectively saying, yes please, come to me, I accept you, I am grateful for the help and the chance to lead a better, more active life.
Can you see how your body would strive to change and move toward a successful outcome? Given permission, by your acceptance, your body can go ahead and use everything in it's power to create health and healing. Imagine how much more quickly you will recover, when everything is acting in your favour, and on your behalf.

Then compare that to someone else who is dreading the operation, is hesitant about proceeding, and is frightened of the outcome. What are they telling their body? This isn't going to work. I'm going to be in pain. What if no one comes to visit me? Will I be missed if I die? Why is this happening to me? I'm going to be paralysed for life. I'm bound to get MRSA, you know what these hospitals are like. The tests are bound to show I've got ...(put disease in here)... You just know it's going to be cancer because ...(so and so)... had it. These people are telling their body NOT to accept the operation, the surgery, the medication, the rehabilitation.

And to those critics who say, wishing for the best doesn't prepare you for the worst, I say, If you are preparing for the worst, you are planning for it and spending time on it, which is the same as inviting it in. This leads to the self-fulfilling prophecy of finding what you seek, a form of manifesting. The point of this CD is to create a strength in you that can overcome anything, whatever the outcome. So IF the result you get is not quite as good as you'd hoped, you are already at an elevated level, mentally, physically, energetically, to create a new plan of action, that makes the best of the situation as it stands NOW. THAT's how you make progress! Rapid, worthwhile, sustainable progress, for the long term.

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Note 2: I am karmically convinced of the safety of this product, but as I cannot directly influence how you use the CD, I can assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur to you or anyone else who uses this product or applies the healing technique. The method of Healing presented here and on the CD is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. - Phil

Note 3: Please be aware that this CD does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Self healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

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